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EPIONE LIFE is a high-tech life technology and health management company established in Vancouver, Canada. The company has obtained the exclusive authorization of the patents and proprietary technology of Boxin Pharmaceutical Group to produce and promote the dammarane aglycone series products in major countries and regions. The company is committed to cutting-edge clinical research, pioneered the use of non-drug therapies to treat tumors and major diseases, and provided customers with full life cycle health management services on the basis of "resolving pre-existing diseases."


The company established the world's first non-drug cancer treatment center in Vancouver, Canada-Canadian non-drug cancer treatment center, and the world's first non-drug health management center-Yi'an Life Health Management Center. At the same time, it provides tumors to customers around the world through the Internet online platform. Treatment and rehabilitation of other major diseases.

EPIONE LIFE philosophy

Company mission


Carrying the concept of "medicine and food are of the same origin", carrying forward the essence of traditional Chinese medicine culture with modern advanced science and technology, advocating "solving the disease and preventing the disease", and realizing the dream of a healthy life over 100 years old as soon as possible.

Company vision


With scientific research as the leader and dietotherapy rehabilitation and

comprehensive health management as the two wings, build a global health service network, build a raw material and product production system, expand the planting industry of medicinal plants, and form a complete upstream and downstream industrial chain.

Patented technology


The company has two revolutionary innovative technology platforms for the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine: selective metabolite compound drug method (SMCD) and oral drug bioavailability improvement technology micro molecular method (obet) technology. This technology extracts the global patented element "dammarane aglycone formula" from the plants of Acanthopanax senticosus (ginseng, American ginseng, Panax notoginseng, etc.).

Patent therapy


Committed to cutting-edge clinical research, the company has created the use of non drug therapy to treat tumors and a variety of major diseases, as well as the application of non drug therapy to provide customers with life-cycle health management. The therapy is currently in the process of patent application and approval in many countries.

Patented products and technologies


EPIONE LIFE provides global customers with a series of damaran aglycone prescription products, including products for tumor treatment, treatment of major diseases and different products for sub-health people, middle-aged and elderly people and female friends. The following products are examples of different series. The products are only used in traditional Chinese medicine chain institutions. Interested customers can contact us directly by email, info@epionelife.ca Or eponelife ca@gmail.com 。


Non-drug therapy cancer treatment

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EPIONE LIFE modern traditional Chinese medicine chain franchise institutions and their customers provide services and technical support.

DSP therapy


Cancer Treatment

Health Management

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